Improving Student Achievement Nationwide

We turn around low performing schools/districts and improve the effectiveness and results for high performing districts.


Stellar Advantage Inc

Are you interested in upgrading specific programs, processes or policies in your school(s)? Or are you looking for a dramatic turnaround in the quality and results produced by the students of your school? In these situations, we can help you! 

Stellar Advantage is a Massachusetts- based company. We have worked with Federal and state programs to help superintendents and others to   get more funds for things like facilities, technology and STEM or STEAM programs. We have been a major force in turning around low-performing schools. We serve across the country.

We have the ability to partner with administrators, other educators and board members to improve student achievement and financial management in school systems.

Work Sectors

We provide cost-effective solutions tailor-made for your organization that are applicable in multiple areas.

  • Financial management.
  • Curriculum and instructional improvement.
  • Personnel systems.
  • Public relations and communications.
  • Contract negotiations and employee relationships.
  • Organizational efficiency and effectiveness.
  • Eliminating waste.
  • Enhancing productivity.
Stellar Advantage Inc


At Stellar Advantage, Inc. we  provide excellent business organization and management consulting services.