Comprehensive School Management and Leadership

At Stellar Advantage, Inc. we are committed to reducing the number of low performing schools and expanding the percentage of high quality schools and districts.

Financial Management
Stellar Advantage Inc
  • Squeezing dollars until the eagles sing out in harmony.
  • Adding revenue from new sources.
  • Passing bond issues and levies.
  • Planning long-term budgets to eliminate roller coaster cycles.
  • Eliminating waste.
  • Enhancing productivity.
Curriculum and Instructional Improvements
Stellar Advantage Inc
  • Improving student achievement.
  • Reducing equity gaps, while enhancing excellence.
  • Delivering Advanced Placement higher standards and student benefits for specific programs (i.e., Advanced Placement, SAT or PSAT, STEM or STEAM, technology, early childhood, etc.).
  • Increasing student attendance.
  • Reducing dropouts and increasing on-time graduations.
Personnel Systems
  • Recruiting potential leaders and employees.
  • Selecting, developing, and retaining the best available employees.
  • Teaching and coaching administrators to perform at higher levels.
  • Addressing any employee underperformance.
  • Enhancing staff development.
Public Relations and Communications
Stellar Advantage Inc
  • Squelching negative and/or untrue rumors.
  • Adding partnerships and supporters.
  • Enhancing organizational and individual reputations and the brand.
  • Improving customer satisfaction to create more fans.
  • Increasing parental involvement.
  • Building a comprehensive communications plan.
  • Building a warm team atmosphere.
Contract Negotiations and Employee Relationships
  • Turning union or individual contracts into performance-enhancing and morale-boosting agreements.
  • Building win-win relationships and productive relationships.
  • Unifying administrators, board members, and all employees around child advocacy and positive recognition.
Organizational Efficiency and Effectiveness
  • Reducing bureaucracy and eliminating waste.
  • Increasing productivity and goal attainment based on public metrics.
  • Upgrading/streamlining board policies and administrative regulations.