Learn My Story

Art Stellar

Hello everyone! My name is Art Stellar, Ph. D. I am the founder of Stellar Advantage, Inc. My leadership is exhibited with the deft of an outstanding teacher, although I am an even better coach. When appropriate, I turn into the head cheerleader as well.

At Stellar Advantage, Inc. I have worked with federal and state programs to help superintendents, board members and other educators reduce equity gaps and improve students’ overall achievements.

I am a respected and competitive leader who concentrates on achieving exemplary results. I am assertive and decisive in relentless and purposeful action. I strive to exceed established and ambitious goals.

As a widely recognized and award winning superintendent for 25 years in urban, rural, and suburban districts; my credentials include:

  • President of ASCD, Horace Mann League and N. American chapter of World Council for Curriculum and Instruction.
  • Vice-President of New York state PTA.
  • Vice-President of Renaissance Learning (software), National Education Foundation, and CyberLearning.
  • President/CEO of High/Scope Educational Research Foundation (early childhood emphasis).
  • Board Chair of National Dropout Prevention Center/Network at Clemson U.
  • Board member Plato Learning, Docufide, and Teachers’ Support Network – all software companies, and Tau Kappa Epsilon Education Foundation.
  • Trained in National Baldridge Quality Award criteria.
  • Consultant for Cenergistic (energy management) and various for-profit and nonprofit organizations.
  • Awarded Ohio University alumni Medal of Merit.
  • Adjunct professor at Lesley University, Cambridge, Massachusetts teaching graduate courses in the fine arts and the principalship.
  • Fifty-five protégés have become superintendents.
  • Four-time Fulbright Scholar.
  • Authored over 500 publications.

Personal Vision

My vision for myself is continuous improvement and self-actualization of all my positive attributes. As a leader, I help individuals and organizations that I am affiliated with, become stronger. My mission is to facilitate my colleagues and professional associates reach their potential.

Team Concept

As a school superintendent, my teams always produce outstanding results overcoming financial and political challenges. My teams always make significant improvements in every subject, grade, school and student subgroup whether the venue is urban, rural or suburban.